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Book Signing Saturday in Nashville!

Posted Oct 26 2015 in , , , ,

Come see me and lots of other mystery authors (including my writer buddy DD Ayres) at the Killer Nashville Book Con this Saturday, Oct. 31st from 10-5 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville! (250 5th Avenue S, Nashville)  My signing will be at 10:15. Hope to see you there! Details here: Killer Nashville

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St. Patrick’s Day Romantic Comedy!

Posted Mar 9 2013 in , ,

You’ll laugh so hard your shamrocks will jiggle!  Love, Luck, and Little Green men is only $2.99 on Kindle and Nook, $8.99 in print.  Kindle Nook Print        

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Debut Today!

Posted Nov 1 2011 in , , ,

My dream of becoming a published novelist comes true today as my debut novel, Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure, hits the bookstore shelves.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  When I set out ten years ago to become a writer, I expected the process to be a solitary endeavor.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong!  There are so […]

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Debut Tomorrow! Join in the Chat for a Chance to Win!

Posted Oct 31 2011 in , , , , , , ,

It’s Halloween, the day when our thoughts turn to scary things.  Ghosts.  Goblins.  Vampires.  The IRS. I jest, of course.  There’s no reason to fear the IRS – as long as you’re being honest on your tax returns, of course! One of the recurring issues that haunts Tara Holloway, the IRS criminal investigator who stars […]

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Debut Countdown – 1 day! Post a Comment for a Chance to Win!

Posted Oct 30 2011 in , , , , ,

One of the aspects of writing the Death & Taxes series that was both the most challenging and the most fun was creating the men in Tara’s life.  It was tempting to make her boyfriend, Brett Ellington, perfect.  But then he wouldn’t seem real.  And, honestly, as I thought things through, I realized I had no […]

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Debut Countdown – 2 Days! Join in the Converation for a Chance to Win!

Posted Oct 29 2011 in , , , , ,

A cockroach!  Eeeeek!!! In my debut novel, IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway and DEA Agent Christina Marquez set up a stakeout in a former crack house.  Let’s just say the house isn’t exactly home sweet home.  Between cockroaches and a noisy family racoons, the place is a little crowded. My favorite house I’ve ever lived […]

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