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My dream of becoming a published novelist comes true today as my debut novel, Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure, hits the bookstore shelves.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

When I set out ten years ago to become a writer, I expected the process to be a solitary endeavor.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong!  There are so many people who have played a role in making my dream come true, and I couldn’t have done this without them.  Today, I’d like to take a chance to thank them.

First and foremost, thanks to my editor, Holly Blanck, at St. Martin’s Press.  If it wasn’t for Holly taking a look at my manuscript and falling in love with my characters and story, this wouldn’t be happening.  She gets me!  Woo hoo!  What’s more, Holly takes my raw material and gives me incredibly insightful feedback to make my stories even better.  She’s always upbeat and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thanks, Holly!

To the many people at St. Martin’s Press who’ve played a role in bringing my books to readers and promoting me and my work – Eileen Rothschild, Katie Dean, Laura Kramarsky, Clare Toohey, Megan Frampton, and those others behind the scenes.  Thank you all!

To my wonderful cover artist – Danielle Fiorella.  Thanks for creating such fun and eye-catching covers for my books! 

To my critique partners – Celya Bowers, Angela Cavener, Michella Chapell, Vannettta Chapman, Cheryl Hathaway, Angela Hicks, Kennedy Shaw, and Jana Upton.  These women have spent countless hours reading my material, making suggestions for improvement, and cheering me on.  Their input was invaluable and their friendship priceless.  Thanks to all of you!

To the members of the Arlington Kick-Ass Writers Group – Gay Downs, Urania Fung, Charles McMillen, and Simon Rex-Lear.  Thanks for your feedback! 

To all of the writers who judged my manuscripts in contests.  Your comments and suggestions helped me improve my work and learn the craft.  Thanks so much! 

And finally, to my readers.  I hope my debut novel will make you laugh out loud.  I wrote this book for you! 


  1. donna parsons says:

    YaY! Can’t wait to see your book on bookshelves! Now the world will get to know the exciting Ms. Tara Holloway!!!

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Yep, watch out world. Tara’s on the loose now!

  2. Congratulations, Diane! Can’t wait to read it. Enjoy this special day!!

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Thanks, Bev! With all my friends and fellow writers cheering me on, this has been a great day!

  3. Tara Follower says:

    i’m loving the book!! On page 100 and can barely put it down. iBooks on the iPad rocks!!!!

    Go Tara!! Rooting for her to nail the ice cream bandit!!!

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      So glad you’re enjoying it! Tara was such a fun character to write.

  4. M.E. Anders says:

    Just had to chime in that I am soooo excited for you on your big day yesterday! Woohoo! Hope that “squeeeeeee” was all you expected it to be.

    P.S. Love your website design. 😉

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      It was definitely a major SQUEEEEEEEEE! : )

      I love my design, too. It’s all thanks to Liz Bemis at Bemis Promotions. She’s awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  Kerrin Parris
Thank you, Cindy, Kathy, Suzanne and Cheryl!
  Diane Kelly
I enjoyed showing the good things about middle age with this new character. I'm so glad you enjoy Kerrin's reviews and site! I do, too.
  Diane Kelly
Wonderful! Same here. I trust her opinion. She's very open-minded and fair.
  Cheryl Calebro
Thank you for the sharing Kerrin! I really love reading her reviews and quite often add the books to my ever growing pile of books to read.
What a lovely piece. I have loved Kerrin’s blog/reviews and have only ‘known’ her online for a short while, but she has been one of the only blog reviewers I check religiously. Your book sounds so much fun, and I’m glad the protagonist is closer to my age and not so young as they usually are . I will somehow see if I can read it in Australia. Thanks for the fab interview!! I love the pics from the catch up with Kerrin’s daughter. The landscape is beautiful.



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