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It’s Halloween, the day when our thoughts turn to scary things.  Ghosts.  Goblins.  Vampires.  The IRS.

I jest, of course.  There’s no reason to fear the IRS – as long as you’re being honest on your tax returns, of course!

One of the recurring issues that haunts Tara Holloway, the IRS criminal investigator who stars in my Death & Taxes series, is that tax evaders don’t fear her.  She’s petite and somewhat bookish looking.  But her looks are deceptively benign.  Tara has the best aim at the IRS and can handle guns as well as any sniper.  Problem is, she gets lots of opportunities to prove how well she can handle a weapon.  Facing regular internal affairs investigations can be a little intimidating . . .

What scares you?  Is it spiders?  Snakes?  Paranormal phenomenon?  That guck growing on your shower curtain?  Share your fears here for a chance to win a copy of my debut novel, some SWAG, and a $10 Barnes & Noble e-giftcard!  One person who posts a comment will be chosen at random to win.  Check back around 9:00 central time to see if you’ve won!  Good luck!  And have a fun Halloween! 



  1. Yikes. Snakes, heights, lack of lipstick. I have too many fears to mention them all here.

  2. Patience Jackson says:

    I have silly fears.
    1. Nothing to read in the carpool line.
    2. No hairbands in my purse on a hot day.
    3. I seriously scared of tight socks–my feet like wiggle room.
    Congrats on your debut tomorrow. Kat and I are going to try and make it to your booksigning on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Ha! My daughter is the same way with hairbands. And nothing to read?!?! Say it isn’t so!!!!! Worst fear ever!!!!

      My biggest fear right now is that the world is shifting under me – literally. Every day there seems to be a new crack in our driveway or a wall somewhere! I wonder if I can just wrap a big bungee cord around the outside of the house to hold it together. Probably the homeowners association wouldn’t approve.

  3. Patience Jackson says:

    Besides forgetting to add a “am” to number 3 above, I forgot to tell you how much fun it’s been to follow your blog. This is the first time I’ve done this. Good luck.

  4. Dassie says:

    This book looks intriguing….looking forward!

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Thanks, Dassie! I tried to come up with a unique heroine that hadn’t been done before.

  5. Diane Kelly says: picked #3 and the third person to post a comment today was Dassie. You win!

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

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