Noir at the Bar – Yonder Bar, Hillsborough NC Thursday Dec. 15th at 7:00

Posted Dec 8 2022

If you live in central North Carolina (or even if you don’t!), come see me and these other great authors at Noir at the Bar on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7:00. Thanks to author/filmmaker/podcaster/barkeep Eryk Pruitt for inviting me to be part of this always-fun event again! Yonder Bar is located at 114 W. King Street in Hillsborough, NC’s historic district and they make great drinks. Be there or be on Santa’s naughty list. ; ) More about Yonder Bar at: Yonder Bar

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Nice to know!! So excited
  Diane Kelly
Haha! Our terrier mix and shepherd mix are certainly selective, too. They hear "treat" without fail, but "down" or "no!" don't always register. Raggs is such a cute name!
  Molly Weston
Reggie certainly looks happy! My own dog, Raggs, has "selective" hearing--and he's not well trained. But. Our dogs are family and we do love them.
  Diane Kelly
Thanks, Barbara! I wish I could write faster, too! My ideas are backing up in my head. : ) I wish my brain had a USB port where I could automatically download the stories from my mind to the page. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! I'm hard at work on the second one, A Trip with Trouble.
I LOVED getaway with Murder. The second book can't be published soon enough. Can you write any faster? ;-)



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