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Posted Apr 16 2013

Come on over to Christie Craig’s blog and see if you can match me to my childhood photo, along with other authors and their baby pics!  Hint – my photo is something to “buzz” about . . . : )


  1. Violet Faye says:

    Thanks so much for the contest! Keep up the good work and never stop writing!

  2. Kerrin says:

    Your baby picture was EASY. You were sitting next to Lu Lobozinski

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Busted! They say to write what you know, and I knew beehives! : )

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  Kerrin Parris
Thank you, Cindy, Kathy, Suzanne and Cheryl!
  Diane Kelly
I enjoyed showing the good things about middle age with this new character. I'm so glad you enjoy Kerrin's reviews and site! I do, too.
  Diane Kelly
Wonderful! Same here. I trust her opinion. She's very open-minded and fair.
  Cheryl Calebro
Thank you for the sharing Kerrin! I really love reading her reviews and quite often add the books to my ever growing pile of books to read.
What a lovely piece. I have loved Kerrin’s blog/reviews and have only ‘known’ her online for a short while, but she has been one of the only blog reviewers I check religiously. Your book sounds so much fun, and I’m glad the protagonist is closer to my age and not so young as they usually are . I will somehow see if I can read it in Australia. Thanks for the fab interview!! I love the pics from the catch up with Kerrin’s daughter. The landscape is beautiful.



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