My Editor’s Pet Pics!

Posted May 2 2014

pe promo ninja and phantom pe promo ninja4 These adorable dogs belong to my brilliant editor, Holly Ingraham! The white one is Ninja, and the black one is Phantom. Holly is convinced Ninja was human in a former life – he likes to lay his head on pillows, huffs at you when he’s annoyed, and puts himself to bed at 9:30pm every day. Holly says that the older he gets, the more of a social butterfly he becomes when it comes to visitors, but getting a kiss from Ninja takes a special kind of person. I’m betting Holly is special enough to warrant lots of kisses. ; )

Phantom is ALL dog. He looks like a pony when he runs, has his own huge toy basket that he doesn’t like to share from, and brings a “teddy bone” to bed every night. He has a loud bark, but is terrified of everything, especially new people. He gives awkward kisses (kind of just sets his tongue on you for a few seconds).  I bet Holly gets lots of those awkward kisses, too!

 Ninja and Phantom are best friends and get upset if they are separated. They like to chase after/bark at cats, neighborhood dogs and the occasional groundhog.  

 They make me feel like singing”Ebony and Ivory.” Cuties!pe promo ninja3pe promo ninja2


  1. They are such cute babies! I especially love the picture of Ninja under the covers. What great companions dogs are. I write in a recliner with my bichon-poo between my feet, my sheltie stretched out on the floor in front of the chair, and my cat on the armrest.

    1. Diane Kelly says:

      Pets are great company for people like us who work from home, aren’t they? Sounds like you’ve got a nice foot warmer. : )

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  Diane Kelly
Sorry! Just found this message. Mistletoe Mayhem and Pecan Pie are novellas (shorter stories) that were released only as e-books, but they are side stories that do not have to be read in order to keep up with the main stories. Love, Luck, & Little Green Men is available in paperback on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. It's a very different story than my usual thing - a little bit of fantasy and a lot of romance. Thanks for your interest in my books!
  Diane Kelly
So glad you enjoyed it!
  "G" Headen
Need help with the Tax Series...Mistletoe Mayhem, Little Green Men and Pecan Pie are not to be found. Do you have a site I can buy? Are they "extras" that don't have to be read in order with the rest...HELP! Thanks!
  Carol Mohler
Finished "Dead as a Door Knocker." As an extreme cat lover, loved Sawdust! So looking forward to "Dead in the Doorway".
  Diane Kelly
That gave me a giggle. Thanks, Areta!



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