Meet Mystery Book Blogger Dru Ann Love!

Posted Sep 27 2021

I’ve had the good fortune to get to know book blogger Dru Ann Love over the past few years. She does so much for the mystery community, that I wanted to sing her praises by featuring her on my blog. Enjoy this interview and be sure to visit her Dru’s Book Musings blog!

Diane: What drew you to becoming a book reviewer and blogger?

Dru Ann: I consider myself to be a book muser as my musings don’t have the typical start, middle and end elements of a review, but it suits me just fine. I started my blog to keep track of the books I was reading. The more I put up my short musings, it caught the attention of a few authors and my blog blossomed especially when I added the main feature, “A Day In The Life” which gives a glimpse into a character life before and after they solve a murder. I call Dru’s Book Musings a feature blog with a smattering of musings.


Diane: What do you think makes a book exceptional?

Dru Ann: It is when you lose yourself in the story being read. The characters are as real to you as the person standing next to you on a subway train. When you want to see what happens next and “goad” the author into writing a sequel, because you know there is more to the story (even if the book is a standalone). When you tell the world that they must pick up this book so they can enjoy it as well. Caveat, everyone’s taste is different, so a reader may not enjoy it as much as you did.


Diane: What book has surprised you the most and in what way?

Dru Ann: Naked In Death by J.D. Robb. I’m not a romance reader nor a futuristic reader, but this book took me to a different level, and I couldn’t get this book out of my head. It was a relationship building process and I knew when I finished the book, another visit was coming with this character, and I would get to know them better with each book published. This is one of the reasons I love series.


Diane: How many hours each day or week do you spend reading, and how do you find or make the time needed to read and review so many books?

Dru Ann: Pre-Pandemic, I probably read over 40 hours a week. I had a two-hour commute on the subway which was perfect for catching up with my stories. The weekend afforded me more hours to read. I’m an early riser so by the time my chores are done, the world wakes up and I’ve already started reading my next book. Post-Pandemic, I read less, but hopefully as the world starts to rebound, I can get my reading hours back to where it was. Now it’s a bit of a struggle. I also compartmentalized my activities so I have the time to read.


Diane: When did you discover that you loved books? Was it when you were a child, or was it later in life? Was there a particular book or event that make you realize you were a book person?

Dru Ann: My mom was an avid reader. Libraries were my friend. I got my first library card when I was four and I would take out the maximum number of books (okay they were picture books) allowed and bring them back within the week. Remember the Dick and Jane books? Yep, I read them all. The library couldn’t keep up with me. I really developed a sense of reading when I discovered Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. Oh, the puzzle solving aspect is what drew me to these books and that’s why I love mysteries, especially the cozy genre. PS, I love the invention of the e-reader. Love my Kindle Paperwhite.


More about Dru Ann Love: Dru Ann Love reportedly spends her working hours at the mysterious daytime situation. Her non-working hours are spent less reclusively on her award-winning blog, Dru’s Book Musings, where the “Day in the Life,” “Get to Know You,” and “Word with the Author” segments are prominently featured. She is happy to be in “her element” within the mystery community. Dru Ann is a 2017 Mystery Writers of America Raven Award recipient and an Anthony Award finalist in 2015 and 2018. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, where she is also the reporting monitor for the Sisters in Crime National Monitoring Project. She is also a member of the Mystery Writers of America, and served on the Bouchercon Board 2017-2019. Dru Ann will be the Malice Domestic Co-Fan Guest of Honor for 2022 and Left Coast Crime Fan Guest of Honor for 2023.



  1. Dru Ann Love says:

    Thank you for having me.

  2. Jane Kelly says:

    I’ve always suspected her days are 36 hours CB long.

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Nice to know!! So excited
  Diane Kelly
Haha! Our terrier mix and shepherd mix are certainly selective, too. They hear "treat" without fail, but "down" or "no!" don't always register. Raggs is such a cute name!
  Molly Weston
Reggie certainly looks happy! My own dog, Raggs, has "selective" hearing--and he's not well trained. But. Our dogs are family and we do love them.
  Diane Kelly
Thanks, Barbara! I wish I could write faster, too! My ideas are backing up in my head. : ) I wish my brain had a USB port where I could automatically download the stories from my mind to the page. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! I'm hard at work on the second one, A Trip with Trouble.
I LOVED getaway with Murder. The second book can't be published soon enough. Can you write any faster? ;-)



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