Dogs Make a Place a Home!

Posted May 7 2014

pe promo donna sophieThese pics come courtesy of nurse Donna in Texas! Sophie, the adorable dog curled up in the bed, lives at the nursing facility where Donna works. The light-colored dogs, Mary and Shiner (named after the beer brand!) live there, too. Dogs make a place a real home, don’t they? The wet and furry dog is Donna’s pet Como, a lab mix. Como’s brother Odie gets a hug from Donna’s adorable son. Every boy needs a dog . . . or two!  Thanks, Donna, for these great pet pics! pe promo donna mary shiner pe promo donna como pe promo donna odie dylan

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  Diane Kelly
Sorry! Just found this message. Mistletoe Mayhem and Pecan Pie are novellas (shorter stories) that were released only as e-books, but they are side stories that do not have to be read in order to keep up with the main stories. Love, Luck, & Little Green Men is available in paperback on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. It's a very different story than my usual thing - a little bit of fantasy and a lot of romance. Thanks for your interest in my books!
  Diane Kelly
So glad you enjoyed it!
  "G" Headen
Need help with the Tax Series...Mistletoe Mayhem, Little Green Men and Pecan Pie are not to be found. Do you have a site I can buy? Are they "extras" that don't have to be read in order with the rest...HELP! Thanks!
  Carol Mohler
Finished "Dead as a Door Knocker." As an extreme cat lover, loved Sawdust! So looking forward to "Dead in the Doorway".
  Diane Kelly
That gave me a giggle. Thanks, Areta!



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