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Meet Book Blogger Kerrin Parris!

Posted Oct 5 2021

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend and former coworker/officemate Kerrin Parris. Kerrin has been one of my biggest encouragers in my writing career, both before I got published and after. Kerrin gave me story suggestions and title ideas. Some were tongue in cheek, a little naughty, and made me laugh! Yep, we […]

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Meet Mystery Book Blogger Dru Ann Love!

Posted Sep 27 2021

I’ve had the good fortune to get to know book blogger Dru Ann Love over the past few years. She does so much for the mystery community, that I wanted to sing her praises by featuring her on my blog. Enjoy this interview and be sure to visit her Dru’s Book Musings blog! Diane: What […]

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Meet My New Author Friend Connie Berry!

Posted Sep 24 2021

Connie Berry and I recently met online when Connie was featured on the “Molly on Mysteries” program. We soon realized we had an interesting thing in common – we both write mysteries featuring old things, antiques for Connie and old houses for me. We thought you readers would enjoy a little conversation about our books […]

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Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli Just Released in Audio!

Posted Aug 11 2021

Hooray! I’m so excited about this audio release! Got Audible credits? Get a copy of the book here: Audible

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Join Me on The Moonshine Shack Murder Blog Tour!

Posted Jul 5 2021

I’m thrilled to be hosted or featured on so many great blogs this month! I hope you’ll join me on my tour! You’ll learn lots about the book and the characters, as well as some fascinating things about moonshine and its storied history. You’ll even get some recipes that include moonshine. So be sure to […]

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Mystery/Thriller Sweepstakes!

Posted Apr 25 2021

Want a chance to win five great books, including my upcoming release The Moonshine Shack Murder? Enter the sweepstakes here: ENTER SWEEPSTAKES! The entry period ends April 30th, so enter right away! 

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Come on a Reading Journey!

Posted Mar 22 2021

So excited that my book Busting Out is featured on the My Reading Journeys Blog this week! Check it out here:  My Reading Journeys

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  Kerrin Parris
Thank you, Cindy, Kathy, Suzanne and Cheryl!
  Diane Kelly
I enjoyed showing the good things about middle age with this new character. I'm so glad you enjoy Kerrin's reviews and site! I do, too.
  Diane Kelly
Wonderful! Same here. I trust her opinion. She's very open-minded and fair.
  Cheryl Calebro
Thank you for the sharing Kerrin! I really love reading her reviews and quite often add the books to my ever growing pile of books to read.
What a lovely piece. I have loved Kerrin’s blog/reviews and have only ‘known’ her online for a short while, but she has been one of the only blog reviewers I check religiously. Your book sounds so much fun, and I’m glad the protagonist is closer to my age and not so young as they usually are . I will somehow see if I can read it in Australia. Thanks for the fab interview!! I love the pics from the catch up with Kerrin’s daughter. The landscape is beautiful.



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