The Trouble With the Tumbleweed Twister (by Author Lawrence Kelter)

About the Book

Tough times have put the squeeze on auto mechanic Smoky Rolle. Forced with losing his home, Smoky accepts an easy money side job from his cousin Travis. What should’ve been a quick fix goes sideways when Travis is abducted at gunpoint leaving Smoky to wonder if Tumbleweed is the sleepy little West Texas town he believed it to be or if something nefarious is bubbling beneath the surface. Secrets lead to lies and lies to larceny in this pulse-pounding small town mystery.

Enjoy the entire Trouble in Tumbleweed series!

Four authors. Four stories. One Town. And a whole lot of trouble …

This small west Texas town might sit in the remote desert, but it can’t hide from trouble. Someone’s always trying to kill someone else for one darn reason or another, and things get as tangled and twisted as a tumbleweed. The Trouble in Tumbleweed series is an entertaining and interrelated collection of mystery novellas from some of the genre’s most popular and bestselling authors including Melissa Bourbon, Christie Craig, Diane Kelly, and Lawrence Kelter.