The Trouble With Pushing Up Daisies (by Author Melissa Bourbon)

About the Book

Online dating isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe it is. Case in point: Mikenna, the perennially perky owner of Cowboy Coffee, is charmed by a guy she thinks is special. But then, after one spectacular date, she’s ghosted and left heartbroken.

Tumbleweed Today editor Hope McIntyre decides to dig into the ghosting epidemic with a series of articles. What she finds is that Mikenna isn’t the only victim of the Tumbleweed Romeo. In fact, she is only one on a long trail of broken hearts.

When the Tumbleweed Romeo is found dead, Mikenna—and every other jilted woman in town—becomes a suspect in his murder. Hope makes it her business to discover who made sure the Tumbleweed Romeo would be permanently taken off the market and pushing up daisies.