The Trouble With Digging Too Deep

About the Book

CPA Debra Ott finds herself suddenly single after catching her dentist husband “drilling” a patient. Good thing she’s too busy with her audit of Tumbleweed Pawn & Pistols to dwell on her heartbreak. When an elusive gun supplier fails to confirm his account, Deb has to dig for answers. But the more she digs, the more danger comes her way. Could digging too deep mean she’s digging her own grave?

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Four authors. Four stories. One Town. And a whole lot of trouble …

This small west Texas town might sit in the remote desert, but it can’t hide from trouble. Someone’s always trying to kill someone else for one darn reason or another, and things get as tangled and twisted as a tumbleweed. The Trouble in Tumbleweed series is an entertaining and interrelated collection of mystery novellas from some of the genre’s most popular and bestselling authors including Melissa Bourbon, Christie Craig, Diane Kelly, and Lawrence Kelter.