Frequently Asked Questions

Are you anything like your characters?

A little bit. Though I’m not fearless in the sense that I’d willingly face-off against violent criminals, I’m not afraid to go after the things I want or to speak my mind (though I generally try to be polite about it). I also tend to be a little stubborn. Like all of my heroines, I’m an animal lover, playing mommy to three dogs and so many cats I’ve lost count. I’m a big believer in justice, for both people and animals. I’m much lazier than my heroines. They tend to work out regularly, while the only exercise I get on a regular basis is walking my dogs.

Did you always know you’d become a writer?

As a kid, I always loved to make up stories, whether it was while daydreaming, while playing with Barbie dolls, or at night in bed to entertain myself in my head until I fell asleep.  But when it came time for college, I decided to major in accounting. It seemed like a safe choice with a good chance of landing a job on graduation.  I loved my government class in college and decided to go to law school.  While my grades were mediocre, I found that I loved reading case law. After all, every case is a story, with characters, conflict, and sometimes interesting plotlines and settings. I worked in tax law for nearly two decades and raised my kids before I had time to take a breath and evaluate my life. I realized then that I really missed making up stories and yearned to do something more creative. I signed up for a writing class at the local college and things took off from there.

What do you like best about being a writer?

I love when readers contact me and tells me how much my books made them laugh. Life can be rough sometimes, and knowing that I’ve brought levity to another person’s life is very fulfilling.