Four-Alarm Homicide

About the Book

Carpenter Whitney Whitaker and her cousin Buck are hot for a historical property that has just come on the market – a fire station in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood that was built nearly a century ago. With several interested buyers making bids, their hopes might go up in flames. Fortunately, their plan to preserve the building’s exterior and honor its past impresses the board of the historical society, and they’re awarded the unique property. A good thing, too, since Whitney and her fiancé, homicide detective Collin Flynn, have been unable to find a venue for their upcoming wedding and realize the station would be the perfect place to exchange vows and host a reception.

The cousins have just begun the interior demolition work at the fire station when Joanna Hartzell, who lives in a townhouse around the corner, comes by with a plea for help. Joanna owns the right half of her building, which she proudly maintains in perfect condition. The couple who lived in the left side of the duplex passed away years ago, leaving their townhome to their seven adult children—none of whom will lift a finger or spend a dime to maintain the place. Fearful that the deterioration of the connected property will negatively impact her townhouse, Joanna asks Whitney and Buck to step in and work their remodeling magic—assuming, of course, they can convince the heirs to sell.

When Joanna shows up at the fire station confused and rambling, then collapses, Whitney summons medical help. Nothing can be done for the poor woman, who dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The recent headaches Joanna suffered point to an aneurysm, but alarm bells go off for Whitney. She suspects something much more sinister could be the real cause. Can she and Collin put the clues together and catch a killer when all of the suspects seem to be blowing smoke?