Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

What They're Saying

“Death, Taxes, and Extra-Strength Hold Hairspray by Diane Kelly took me by surprise. It’s not only emotionally honest in the way our heroine finds herself torn between two men, but also vastly amusing when our heroine turns out to be the Annie Oakley of IRS Agents.  I strongly recommend this as the first genuinely funny Romance with thriller overtones I can remember reading.”
 David Marshall, Tula Book Review

4 Stars! Lurking beneath the humor and action that characterize this series is a serious look at how a slick religious con man can fleece his flock. Noah Fischer has a nation bamboozled, and Tara’s and Nick’s determination to help his congregation see the light advances their characters in unexpected ways. As usual, the pace is quick without being frenetic, and the breezy narrative style is perfection – fun and sexy without being over the top.”
RT BookReviews

“This is a rollicking adventure that will have you rooting for the IRS for once—and you won’t want to put it down until you find out how Tara will overcome all the obstacles in her way. Will she be able to resist Nick’s many charms? And will she keep the Lone Star Nation from paying out their bounty . . . or will one of Pastor Fischer’s crazed followers do her in first? It may be the wig that’s the death of her in the end. Keep turning those pages—you’ll love every second as you try to find out!”

“If you’ve never read one of Diane Kelly’s Tara Holloway novels, I strongly recommend that you rectify the situation immediately. The series has gotten better with every single installment, and I’d be shocked if you didn’t see these characters gracing your television screen before too long (USA and HBO, I’m looking in your direction). Get on board now so you can say you knew Tara Holloway when.”
Kat N., The Season for Romance

“Diane Kelly knows how to rock the romance, and roll the story right into a delightful mix of high drama with great characters.”
Mary Gramlich, The Reading Reviewer

“Will Tara throw the pseudo-preacher in jail for nonpayment of taxes? Will she be able to decide if it’s Brett or Nick she wants? Oh, and one I forgot to mention: will the Lone Star Nation take away her home? And most important of all, will Tara be able to find a strawberry-blond wig in a beehive style? Guess you’ll have to read it to find out. Take my word for it, you won’t be sorry!”
— Leigh Neely, Heroes and Heartbreakers

“I’m not sure how many books are in the Death and Taxes series, but I’ll definitely be back for more. I haven’t laughed this much while reading in a long time.”
— Patricia Woodside, Fresh Fiction