Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

Fun Notes

Discussion Topics:

1.   Lu’s beehive is not only her trademark, but it’s also a reflection of her personality.  Have you ever felt defined or identified by your hair? What does your hairstyle say about you or your personality?  What are the best and worst hairstyles you’ve tried?

2.  Tara searches high and low to find the right wig, knowing the gesture is the best way she can support Lu.  Have you, a family member, or friend suffered through cancer or another serious illness?  What actions did you or others take that were the most meaningful and supportive?

3.  Tara is torn between her feelings for Brett and her growing attraction for Nick.  Is it better to have a stable and secure though predictable relationship, or is it better to have one that is exciting but potentially volatile?  Have you experienced both types of relationships? 

4.  People sometimes wear a façade to create an appearance of trust, just like Noah Fischer did in the book.  Do you know of a situation in which someone abused a position of trust to steal from others?

5.  The Lone Star Nation is a fictional extremist group, though there are several real secessionist organizations in the state of Texas.  Are there any extremist groups in your area?  What are their beliefs?  Do their ideas have any merit or are they totally crazy?    

6.  Josh uses spy cameras and GPS gadgets to assist in the investigation of Pastor Fischer.  How do you feel about the use of spy equipment in personal relationships?  Would you ever use a nanny cam or GPS device to spy on someone?

7.  Tara’s mother and Nick’s mom both have a secret recipe for chicken-fried steak.  Do you have a secret recipe that you refuse to share?  What is the recipe for?