Book Club Discussion Questions


Thanks for choosing Paw Enforcement as your book club read! I hope that you will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Some topics for discussion are:

  1. The relationship between Officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit isn’t love at first sight. Initially, the power play between these two alpha females seems to indicate their partnership is doomed, but by the end of the book they are best friends and more. What does it take for a pet and owner to develop a strong bond? Should a pet and his or her person be equals, or must the human remain dominant at all times? 
  2. Communication between a person and his or her pet can sometimes be difficult. How do Megan and Brigit communicate with each other nonverbally? How do your pets communicate with you?  
  3. While Megan’s previous partnership with Officer Derek Mackey was less than ideal, she and Brigit make a perfect pair. What does Brigit offer Megan that a human partner could not?
  4. Working as a K-9 handler requires a sensitivity to the dog’s point of view. How does Megan show her understanding of Brigit’s perspective, both on and off the job?
  5. K-9s greatly benefit society by finding lost children, discovering stashes of illegal drugs, and chasing down suspects. But what do humans owe the dogs in return? What ethical issues are raised by the handler-K9 relationship? When is it wrong to risk a dog’s safety or life?
  6. While some believe a trained police dog always behaves perfectly, such is not the case. Brigit occasionally crosses the line. How much “bad” behavior should be tolerated? Should police K-9s be held to a higher standard off the job than non-working dogs?
  7. Pets allow their owners to be vulnerable, and do a good job of keeping their secrets. Does this hold true in return? Can pets be more expressive and open with their human counterparts than their fellow fur-bearing friends? 
  8. What makes a furry, four-footed creature such an intriguing character?